What’s your Leadership Style?

By December 17, 2015Network Marketing

When it comes to your leadership style, does it more closely resemble a thermometer or a thermostat?  In the training today, I'm going to explain how those two things provide a very powerful analogy of what it takes if you want to become an extraordinary leader. 

The thermometer and thermostat provide very powerful analogies to differing styles of leadership.  A thermometer has one simple function, to reflect the temperature around it.  It reacts to what's happening in its environment.  The thermometer's job is very easy to do.  Anyone can do it.  The thermostat on the other hand, has a very very different purpose.  A thermostat regulates the environment around it.  It sets a temperature and then it actively works to maintain that temperature.  It's proactive.  It has tremendous influence and is always monitoring it's environment.

The thermometer and thermostat provide a very very important analogy and lesson when it comes to leadership.  Each of them correlates to a specific leadership style.  Your ability to build a successful organization will depend heavily on which one best describes your leadership style.

If you are a thermometer leader, when adversity comes and the tensions get high, you will have a tendency to lose your cool.  You get easily caught up in the drama and the adversity that's happening on your team.

Here's the problem if you are a thermometer leader; It does not inspire trust or commitment in the team that you're trying to lead.  If you just react to the temperature of your group and you're influenced by your surroundings, that will erode your leadership ability over time.  Your people will not trust you or follow you.

You need to aspire to be a thermostat when it comes to your leadership style. You need to have a pulse at all times of what's happening on our team.  Set a goal of where you want your team to go, and when they get off track then go into action.

You need to be proactive just like the thermostat.  Monitor the temperature of your group so you know exactly when the tensions get high. Keep an eye on the production of your group so you can step in when things begin to slow down.


If your a thermostat leader, when the temperature gets hot you don't get caught up in the drama.  You don't just react.  You take action to cool things off.  You become a calming influence on your team.  Your team sees that you don't get your feathers ruffled easily.  This will elevate your leadership level with the people that are on your team.

Thermostat leaders lead by example.  They're always in what is referred to as phase one.  They're personally recruiting and doing all the things that they're asking their team.

Thermometer leaders only take action when the production slows and the money stops coming in.  Their team sees this and begins to duplicate that behavior which has a very negative impact on the overall production.     

Thermostat leaders chase the business.  They create opportunities on their team.  They don't wait for the production to slow to take action.  They don't wait for people to come to them.  They're constantly asking, “What can I do to influence the environment to keep my team headed in a direction that I want to go?”

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Bob Heilig


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