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What is Your Virtual Upline?

I’m Bob Heilig, the Founder of Your Virtual Upline.

We are a training resource for new wave of network marketers that puts love and giving at the heart of their business, and wants strategies and techniques that work in the ever changing world we live in TODAY.

If you know deep down inside that you have a unique gift to give, and have already “woken up” to the truth that your mission in this profession is about way more than just making money… welcome home.      

The mission of our company is simple: help you build a (kick-ass) profitable network marketing business that gives you complete freedom, so you can give back to the world in an even bigger way.

We do this through our podcast, free online training content, and our paid programs where we donate a percentage of every dollar you spend with us to help a person in need.   

Let us help you change the world by sharing your unique gift, doing work you love, and growing a network marketing business that gives back WAY more than it takes. Starting now.

Nicole N.

I started in network marketing 10 months ago and initially had very little success. I then started to implement Bob’s training and it’s literally changed my life. Right after the going through the training, I recruited my first business partner ever. That month I recruited 8 people and got promoted twice! Even my new people are having success now following Bob’s training. The value he brings is off the charts.

Toby S.

I started using Bob’s tips and training on recruiting that I learned in the Breakthrough Academy and it’s made a huge difference! Just the other day I had 4 brand new prospects coming to ME that I’ve never met asking about my business. I had another 2 who went cold that are now warm again and I have more momentum than I’ve ever had before. I feel more confident and in control than I ever have before with my business thanks to Bob’s training.

Danielle Cole

Bob's teaching on network marketing and specifically leadership has had a huge impact on my business. Before I found Bob I was stuck in my business, my team wasn't growing, and I was starting to wonder if I even had what it took to be successful.
After working with Bob and implementing his training, amazing things began to happen. The size of my team has doubled, my income has increased by over 100%, and I've taken huge strides as a person and a leader. I finally have the confidence and belief in myself that I needed to make this work. I'm so glad I invested in his training.

Ayesha Dawley

Because of implementing Bob's training, I was just able to hit the highest rank possible in my network marketing company. Doing so will allow me to finally walk away from a very successful 20-year career in advertising sales.
I'll now have more time to spend with my 11-year-old twins and husband. I have gotten a ton of value out of Bob's training, and really appreciate his honesty and realistic training style. It's so refreshing to finally get the 'real deal' from someone. Thank you!

Carl Amery

My team has grown from 500 to almost 2,500!
Bob's material and training, without a shadow of a doubt, works wonders if you just take action on what you learn. I recently reached the highest position in my company which is allowing me to walk away from a full-time career in the military and focus solely on my business. All I did was implement and apply everything I learned from Bob's training. During that time, my team has grown from 500 to almost 2,500 people! Thanks to Bob for giving me the tools and skills I needed to become hugely successful in my business.

Brooklyn Ferguson

My team sales doubled the next month to over $30K.
I started implementing Bob's techniques into my business and my team sales doubled the very next month to over $30,000, at just 21 years old. Almost 2 years later, I now have 4,600 people on my team and we just hit $250,000 in sales last month. I love Bob's straight to the point, no-nonsense style. To say that his training has made a huge impact on me would an understatement.

The Legacy Leadership Academy is a supportive business building membership program and community for the network marketer that wants to make a bigger impact. We focus on two primary areas of content, leadership development and social media training. This is not just another online course… inside the program we hold you accountable, challenge you to take action, and provide you with the inspiration and support you need to keep going.

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The Impact and Growth Summit is THE annual training event for the NEW wave of network marketers that want to build a profitable business that gives them complete freedom, so they can impact the world in a much bigger way.

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Let's change the world together by doing work that we lve

Every time you invest in your future through our work, you're making a positive impact in the world. Because with every product you purchase from us, you support a person in need. Through out non-profit organization, 400 Trillion to 1, we Invest a percentage of every dollar we earn in organizations that give back to education and basic human service (like water, food, and healthcare) for children. So when you purchase our products to make your life better, you really are making the world a better place for all.