Watch Out For the Pigeons (Haters)

By March 3, 2016Network Marketing

Have you found that as you've become more successful in your business that some of the people around you, your family and your friends, have actually started to become resentful of your success?  Do you have people close to you that have changed the way they act towards you or even tried to derail you from building your business?  Haters or as I call them “pigeons” are an unfortunate byproduct anytime someone steps out in an effort to improve their life and make an impact on the world.  In my training today we discuss how to handle when this happens to you.   

Any time that you have the courage to step out and do something different, when you make the decision to try to make more out of your life you are going to have haters.  When you decide to make an attempt to make things better for you and your family you will make some of the people around you uncomfortable.  This is really difficult for people to handle sometimes because these “haters” are often people they are very close to that they would THINK  should be some of their biggest supporters.  Unfortunately, it doesn't always work that way.  

If you don't have any haters in your life just yet then you're either not doing enough or you haven't yet made a big enough impact on the world.  When you finally do you will know, because that's when the haters start to show up.  Like I mentioned earlier, it's often people that you are close to in your life that you would least expect.  

Here's an important thing to understand about haters.  Haters don't hate you, what they actually hate are THEMSELVES.  The reason they direct these negative feelings towards you is because you are a reflection of what they wish they could be but don't have the guts to go out and try.

The problem with haters is that they're lazy and scared.  They don't want to do the hard work that it takes to be successful.  They just can't see themselves doing more than what they currently are so they don't even try. They're to busy complaining and blaming other people for where they are in their life.    

When you have the courage to step out and do something different you make them look bad.  When you stop complaining and actually make the decision to take ACTION you start to separate yourself from the herd.  When you declare to the people around you that you want to make more out of your life, that shines a bright light on them and the fact that they aren't doing anything to change their situation.    


Let me share with you what I actually call haters.  I affectionately refer to them as “pigeons”.  Let me tell you why I refer to them as pigeons.  Pigeons are always looking for handouts, they feel entitled and want things given to them.  

Pigeons aren't willing to do the hard work to make a change.  They're too busy pecking around looking for handouts and crumbs.  All pigeons do is walk around and crap all over everything that gets in their way.  Anytime someone wants to do something to better their lives they just fly by and dump all over them.  

Pigeons have their heads down all the time focused on the ground looking for crumbs.  They never take the time to pick their head up and see the potential for a brighter potential future for themselves and their family.   

It's important to understand that your job when building your business is to ignore the pigeons and focus on finding eagles.  Eagles are rare.  Eagles are people just like you that want to make things better for themselves and their family by taking action.  If you want to be massively successful in your business all you have to do is find a few eagles that you can soar with.  

Did you find this training helpful?  If so, leave me a comment below and feel free to share it with anyone else you think it could help! 

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