The Secret to Building a Massive Organization

By November 8, 2015Network Marketing

Are you having difficulty creating momentum or exponential growth in your organization?  Do most of the new people you recruit wind up quitting in the first couple of months without doing much at all?  If so, then this may be one of the most important trainings you'll ever get in your network marketing career.  I share with you the “secrets” that top earners use to build massive organizations.  This is a MUST see for any serious leader.       

In today's training we will discuss the concept of “working in depth” in your team, otherwise known as “taprooting”.  One of the most frustrating things we go through as leaders is trying to motivate the people on our team to take action.  What I have found is that this external attempt at motivation very rarely works for the people on your team who aren't doing anything.  One of the biggest lessons I've learned when it comes to growing a large network marketing organization is that “fear of loss” is the greatest motivator.  

When someone feels like they're going to “miss out on something” that is the strongest motivator to getting them to take action.  The “secret” that top earners use to build massive organizations, which taps into this fear of loss is taprooting.  Taprooting is when you bring in a new person and start a new team, your primary goal is to drive that new team as many levels deep that you can as quickly as possible.

What this does is it “locks in” all the people that are in that new team by creating activity and excitement below them.  Think of the analogy of a tree. The root system of a tree is usually very shallow and close to the surface.  If a storm were to come and strong enough winds were to blow, the tree would be uprooted and blown over.  

What prevents this from happening is something called the taproot.  It is a single root of the tree that drives deep into the soil until it finds the water source in the soil.  This taproot is what feeds the tree water and also is what provides the tree stability and keeps it from blowing over when storms arrive.

It's a perfect analogy for a network marketing organization.  One thing I'm certain of is that “storms” will arrive anytime you are building a new team.  A storm could be a negative spouse, someone on the team quitting, guests not showing up for a meeting or a close family member or friend telling them no.

What will provide your new team stability and keep it alive is your ability to “taproot” this new organization and drive it as deep as quickly as possible.  As you begin to do this, you identify leaders that come into that new team that aren't directly sponsored to you.  They could come in on your 2nd, 3rd or even 5th level.  

When we talk about “working in depth” in your group, what we mean is that when you identify these serious people, your goal is to work directly with those people just as if you personally sponsored them.  

What this does is creates a fear of loss for all the people above them which motivates them to take action.  It is THE biggest lesson I've learned when it comes to motivating people and creating momentum in a group.  

In this training, I'll go over EXACTLY how to do this when you bring in a new person.  I'll explain to you exactly what to say and the steps you should take with the people you are enrolling into the business.

I'll explain why it's so important to operate with an extreme sense of urgency anytime you bring in a new person and begin this process.  I can promise you that this will be a very eye opening training for many of you.

Don't beat yourself up if you haven't been doing any of this up until this point.  The good news is that you can start today with the people you bringing into your group.  It only takes one person to do this the right way with to create the activity and excitement you want on your team.  

The Secret to Building a Massive Organization  

Did you find this training helpful?  If so, leave me a comment below and feel free to share it with anyone else you think it could help! 

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Bob Heilig


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