The Key to Unlocking Long-Term Residual Income in Your Business

By October 15, 2015Network Marketing, Podcast

Do you want to learn “the secret” to creating long-term residual income in your business?  It's actually not really a secret.   However, in many network marketing companies there has been a complete lack of emphasis in this area.  It's CUSTOMERS.  In today's training I'll go over a plan that you can implement in your business to be sure you are on the path to residual income.    

If you're like me, one of the biggest reasons you joined whatever network marketing company you are working with was to create residual income.  You understand the importance of being able to build an asset for yourself and your family that can create an income stream that will continue to come in long after you’ve actually done the work.  I understand the power of residual income first hand.  The last 4 years of my life being a full-time network marketer, I've had a quality of life that never would have been possible if I stayed in my medical sales job.

It is BY FAR one of the biggest gifts that this profession can give you. But here's the problem. For many people it’s really been nothing more than an unfulfilled promise.  Many companies have failed to deliver on what they promised their distributors.

The bottom line is this:  there are FAR MORE people in this industry that HAVE NOT been able to realize their dream of complete freedom that residual income promises all of us.   

Here is one of the biggest issues in my opinion.   In many companies today, a lot of the behaviors that are taught are not really conducive to creating long term residual income.  There is no real emphasis on product training or legitimate customer acquisition.

What it has become for many companies today is just a focus on recruiting other distributors and customers just happen as a byproduct.  Their training is almost all recruiting focused and their compensation plans don't really reward or encourage distributors that want to focus on building a customer base.

I'm not saying that all companies are this way.  There are certainly MANY companies out there where this isn't the case.  However, more times than not this is what we are starting to see in the profession.  It's also why we are starting to see increased scrutiny from regulators and government agencies.  

What is encouraging is that as a result, we are starting to see the pendulum swing back the other way.  I truly believe that this is a necessary change that needs to happen in the profession.  If the promise that is made to everyone involved of creating that lasting “residual income” is to be fulfilled, this HAS TO HAPPEN.  

In this episode of the Your Virtual Upline Podcast I discuss this issue and give you a game plan that you can implement to MAKE SURE that you are on the right path.  This is an important message if you want to stay ahead of the curve and prepare your team for where things are headed.  


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