The Importance of ‘A Players’ to Your Business

By November 3, 2015Network Marketing

One of the biggest mistakes I see people making in their network marketing businesses is that they focus all their time trying to prospect and recruit the wrong people.  In this training I'll introduce to you the concept of an ‘A Player' and how focusing on this group of people can create dramatically different results for you.  

One of the biggest mistakes that I made when I first got started in network marketing and the mistake I see many people making is that they focus on talking to the wrong people.  The first people I targeted were all of family and friends that I knew NEEDED an opportunity.  You know who these people are:  they’re the ones that are always complaining that they hate their jobs and that they don’t have any money.  They’re the ones that are out of work and living on their parent’s couch.  I mean, “Why WOULDN’T they jump all over this amazing opportunity to better their lives, right?

I figured out pretty quickly I couldn't be more wrong.  

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t approach these people with your opportunity, you should eventually approach everyone.  At the end of the day, you never really know who is going to be interested.    

What I am saying though, is don’t be surprised when these people are not interested and even in many cases very negative towards the idea.  I actually found that these very people were some of the most difficult for me to approach with my network marketing opportunity.

It’s funny how the brokest people that I knew were the most negative and skeptical when I approached them with my business opportunity.

The monumental shift for me that happened in my business was when I started to focus on prospecting a completely different group of people. Here's where I want to introduce to you the concept of an ‘A Player'.

‘A Players' are the best and most successful people that you know. They’re traditional business owners and people who are already high income earners.  They’re people that have great influence, people look up to them, they have huge networks.  

They are the most respected people that you know.  Everyone likes them, they’re the people you want to be around all the time.  They’re positive all the time, they have charismatic personalities.  They’re the sharpest people that you know.    

Anyone that you know that at anytime has ever had success in a network marketing opportunity is an ‘A Player'.  I don't care how negative they may seem right now, there's a very good chance at some point they'll join another network marketing company.     

Here’s a good litmus test to determine if someone you know is an ‘A Player’. They’re the people you think would never ‘WANT’ or ‘NEED’ to do something like network marketing.    

Here’s my message to you in the training today:  THEY’RE EXACTLY THE PEOPLE YOU SHOULD BE TALKING TO.

In this training I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what to say when approaching these people and give you some tips and tricks to help you start recruiting them into your business.

The Importance of ‘A Players' to Your Business 

What I’ve learned is that there are fundamental differences between ‘A Players’ and other people that contribute to their success and make them great prospects for your network marketing business.

Here are a few of these identifiable characteristics:

  • They're “risk takers”.  They don't have an “employee mindset”.  They think outside of the box. 
  • They are generally less skeptical than other people.  You don't dismiss opportunities because they “look to good to be true”.  They research.  
  • They understand the power of leverage and residual income.  Many of these high income earners and traditional business owners still fall into the trading time for money trap.
  • They EXPECT to be successful in everything that they do.  Most of the time when people say ‘no', it's really them saying no to themselves.
  • They possess “personal power” and have influence over people.  People follow them and do what they do because of who they are.

These are just a few of the reasons why ‘A Players' make such great prospects for your business.  If you can recruit just 1 of them, you will instantly understand the power.  These are the types of people that don't need “hand holding”, they take immediate action and produce results.

In the training video I go over the perfect way to approach these types of people.  I realize that what keeps most people from contacting these people that they know is really fear.  If you use the approach and script I give you, I promise you it will help you get over that fear and literally make it impossible for them to reject you.  I know that sounds difficult to believe, just watch the video and you'll see exactly what I mean.  

I've personally used this same approach to recruit dozens of ‘A Players' over my career.  There's not many things I can point to that have contributed to my success more than being able to work with these types of people.

Did you find this training helpful?  If so, leave me a comment below and feel free to share it with anyone else you think it could help! 

Your Virtual Upline


Bob Heilig


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  • Sheila says:

    I found this to be super helpful!! I also listen to you every morning while I get ready for work and you are very motivating, so thank you for sharing all that you have learned and passing it on! Much appreciated, Sheila Jones

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