Start Treating Your Business Like a Job

By November 5, 2015Network Marketing

Today we are going to talk about the benefits that come from when you start to treat your business like it’s YOUR JOB.  When most people join network marketing it’s the first time in their lives that they have ever been in the situation to be their own boss.  What they find out very quickly is that they're terrible bosses.  This is one of the biggest reasons why people fail.    

Most people are used to having someone else around to tell them what to do and hold them accountable for their results.  When they become an entrepreneur and are now in a position where they don’t have that anymore they struggle.  We are used to people telling us what to do.  When we were growing up, our parents told us what to do.  Then we went to school and college and our teachers and professors gave us direction.  Then we graduated and got a job and now our bosses give us orders.

We finally become our “own boss” and have the flexibility and freedom to set our own hours and not have someone there to hold us accountable for producing results.  This is one of the single greatest reasons why people fail. They don't have the first clue what it actually means to be an “entrepreneur”.  

We don't show up for work everyday, and we wonder why we don't see results.  We work our business sporadically.  Most of you will tell people you have a part-time business, but that’s not really the truth. Most of you are in a SOMETIME BUSINESS.  You work your business sometimes.  You work it when you FEEL LIKE IT.  You work it when you're in a good mood.

When you start to embrace this concept of “treating your business like a job”, often times you start to see dramatically different results.  In the training today, I’ll share with you the areas we fail ourselves as bosses and how it kills out business.  I’ll give you 4 specific areas you can start focusing on TODAY to help you create the breakthrough that you want.

Start Treating Your Business Like a Job

4 Ways to Start Treating Your Business Like a Job

  1.  Show up for work every single day.  It’s not rocket science. You've heard this before.  Consistency is the key to success in anything that you're going to do.  This profession especially.
  2. Be accountable to someone else for your activity and results. Find someone that you need to report to for your daily activities and results.  It could be your upline, another friend in the company, someone else on your team – just make sure they're as committed to the process as you are.  
  3. Develop a business plan.  Create your “target list” and prioritize who are the top targets on your list.  Develop your “call schedule” of when and how often you will keep in contact with those people.  Strategically work your ENTIRE LIST.  
  4. Schedule everything.  If it isn't in your calendar it doesn't exist.  Get in the habit of scheduling every appointment, call – everything.  Have a daily list of to-do's that comprise of your follow up and prospecting calls.  Take time each day to plan your business hours and what you will do that day to help you grow your business.  

Here's a question I want to you to ask yourself every single day.  If everyone on my team did what I did today, how much money would I make?  That is such a powerful question to ask yourself every day because it keeps reminding you that YOU are the reason why you are or are not successful in your business.  

If you don't like the answer then understand you better do something tomorrow to change that.  Understand why your team isn't growing and you're not making any money.  It's not an unsupportive spouse, not having enough “free time” or a team that isn't doing anything.

Look yourself in the mirror, and understand that you SEE the solution right in front of you.  YOU ARE the answer to your problems.  Start holding yourself accountable.  Start being honest with yourself.  Start working your ass off everyday.  Start planning.  Treat your business like a job, and you will start to see different results.

Did you find this training helpful?  If so, leave me a comment below and feel free to share it with anyone else you think it could help! 

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Bob Heilig


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