Start Talking Less and Recruiting More

By November 22, 2015Network Marketing

One of the biggest problems that I see people having in the network marketing profession is that they feel the need to talk WAY TOO MUCH when taking prospects through the exposure process.  One of the things you eventually learn when it comes to prospecting and recruiting is that the less YOU say the more money you will actually make.  

In today's training I introduce you to the concept of starting to talk LESS, so you can begin to recruit more people.  One of the biggest problems that I see people having in the network marketing profession is that they feel the need to talk way to much when taking prospects through the exposure process.  I had a big issue in this area when I first started.  My background in medical sales where I was trained to be able to answer any question a doctor had and be able to explain every last detail of what I was selling actually KILLED me my first year in network marketing.  

So what causes this to happen?  Why do most people feel the need to just explain everything and just talk, talk, talk.  First and foremost, it comes from people feeling uncomfortable or nervous.  Most people when they first start approaching people about their network marketing opportunity are nervous so it's easy for them to fall into this trap.   

The other issue is the one I struggled with the most.  A lot of times our EGO gets in the way.  We don't like the idea of acting like we don't know the answers to the questions our prospects ask.  We don’t want to “look bad” in front of the people we approach.  We feel like in order to look “credible” we have to be able to become an expert and be able to explain everything.    

Let me just tell you this, if you feel the need to personally explain everything to your prospects you will NEVER be a great recruiter.

Here’s one of the biggest reason why this is the case.  The more you actually are talking, the less you are physically LISTENING to the prospect.  The best and most successful recruiters in this profession are the best listeners.   

They act more as a consultant to the people they approach.  They ask them questions to determine whether or not they're actually a good fit for what they have to offer.

The more the prospect talks, the more they feel heard and understood.  That will in turn, let them know that you genuinely care about them – which makes them like you more.  People do business with people they like, so you INSTANTLY become a better recruiter.

When I approached the process with the mindset of a consultant, I started to realize that my job wasn’t to try and SELL every person that I came into contact with.  That was a radical shift in my mindset and philosophy.

I stopped trying to IMPRESS people with my knowledge of my opportunity, products and services.  I stopped trying to use slick sales skills and closing tactics to get them started.  I began to show genuine interest in them and their situation and as a result instantly started to see better results.  

I started to prescribe solutions to people’s problems.  I came to learn that not everyone is right for what I’m offering.  It’s about the right timing and people having an openness due to some sort of dissatisfaction with something in their life at that moment.  

Start Talking Less and Recruiting More

It’s funny, but when people felt like I “needed them” because I was talking, talking, talking all the time –  I couldn’t recruit anyone.  When I started talking less, asked a ton of questions and wasn’t afraid of telling someone “I don’t think this is for you”people started wanting it more.  

Here's the other big problem with you trying to explain everything and talk to much during the exposure process – you are making yourself the EXPERT. The key to being a successful recruiter is using something called 3rd party tools.  

A third party tool is ANYTHING BUT YOU.  It could be a short video, a product sample, your website, a brochure or a recorded phone call.  You have to learn how to start saying less, and simply invite prospects to view a 3rd party tool.  

Your prospects will hear and see the information differently when it's coming from someone other than you.  In most cases, they know that you aren't an expert when it comes to what you're presenting to them so the information doesn't have as much value.

The power of using a third party tool is it’s not you doing the talking and explaining.  You’re SAYING LESS.  Let the tool do the work for you. 

That is going to show the prospect that they don't have to be an expert and that the business is as simple as “pressing play” or directing someone to another resource.  

When you are able to demonstrate the “simplicity” of the business you wind up having more prospects that are interested and eventually sign up.  Just always keep in mind:  the LESS that you physically say, the MORE you will make!

If you would like more information on this subject make sure you check out my podcast and listen to episode 10.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN  I go into greater detail on this subject and even give you specific scripts you can use throughout the exposure process to help you become a better recruiter.

Did you find this training helpful?  If so, leave me a comment below and feel free to share it with anyone else you think it could help! 

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Bob Heilig


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