People Don’t Join Companies. They Join People.

By December 15, 2016Network Marketing

Are you dumbfounded that so few of your prospects grasp how great your business opportunity is? Is it crazy to you that they don’t seem to care about the amazing growth of your company, the unique compensation plan, or the life-changing products? How can they be so unfazed when this huge opportunity is staring them in the face?!

Here’s why…

People don’t join COMPANIES.
They join PEOPLE.

My first year in network marketing, I didn’t recruit a single person. You know why? Because I spent all my time trying to force feed my company and its products down my prospects’ throats. I just kept talking about how great the company was, and how amazing the products and services were. I hadn’t yet realized that people don’t join companies; they join people.  The turning point for me in my business was when I started to do a better job of selling MYSELF to people.  I learned what it meant to stop being an infomercial for my company, and start demonstrating my value to others.  The funny thing was the less I started to sell my company to people, the more successful I became in getting others to join me in my business.     

Even if your company is the greatest thing to ever hit the network marketing industry, your prospects don’t care about that nearly as much as they want the answers to these two questions:

  1. Can your opportunity help them create a better life?
  2. Are YOU the person who can help them create it?

Most people who come into network marketing do so because they see your opportunity as a vehicle to help them create the life they want. Even more importantly, they see YOU as the driver who’s going to help them take that vehicle where they want it to go.

When they join you in your business, what they’re really saying is, “I want to join YOU. I see value in YOU.” They think that by partnering with you, you can help them improve their current circumstances. They think they can learn from you.

So, who are you currently promoting in your business?

You…or your company?

Here’s the hard message that a lot of us don’t want to hear. If you’re struggling in the area of recruiting, it means that your prospects don’t feel as though you have any unique value or skills to offer them. They don’t see you as the person who can help them create the life they want.

That may sound harsh, but don’t be discouraged. EVERYONE has unique value. EVERYONE has valuable skills. You just need to highlight that value, instead of highlighting your company.

How to Promote Your Value:

CREATE VIDEOS. Begin to demonstrate your value to others by creating content on social media. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert in order to provide value to people. Try sharing the greatest insights and lessons you’ve learned since becoming an entrepreneur. Maybe share tips that can help people in their life, their job, as a parent, a sibling, or a spouse. If you can help someone become a better person, or become better at what they do, they will look at you differently. If you do that over time, you’ve become incredibly valuable. Don’t be afraid to show your personality. Videos are a great way to allow people to see who you really are…and that you’re someone they’d want to partner with.

FORM REAL CONNECTIONS WITH YOUR NETWORK. Don’t be that annoying network marketer who only reaches out when it’s time to check back in about their business. Instead, reach out, connect, and engage with your network simply to show you care. Take the focus off promoting your business, and instead become genuinely interested in other people. Remember, your network will determine your net worth, so any time spent building and tending relationships in your network is worthwhile. If you do this over time, you will build trust with people. When you’ve developed trust and people know that you care, they’ll then start caring about what you know. They’ll take more interest in you, they’ll begin to help you, and, potentially, join you.

Once you make the critical shift to promoting your value instead of promoting your company, you’ll not only connect with your prospects in an entirely new way, but you’ll begin to attract the people and the results you’ve been hoping for.

If you’ve gotten some value out of this message today, feel free to share it with others who may find value in it, too.

Your Virtual Upline,


Bob Heilig


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