My Top 5 Mobile Apps to Increase Productivity

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In this training I give you the top 5 mobile apps I use in my business every day to help increase my productivity.  One of the most difficult things for people to manage is finding enough time to build their business around their already busy schedules.  Using technology to help you better plan your day and keep track of what needs to get done can be extremely helpful.       

Once you make the decision to start working your business every day, it doesn't take long before it can get a bit overwhelming keeping track of everything that needs to get done.  It's very easy to let things like follow-ups slip through the cracks.  You also can get overwhelmed spending time doing things that really aren't moving your business forward.  When you have systems in place to help you track things like contacts, appointments, and follow-ups it increases your productivity which also increases your results.   

When I first started in network marketing I was “old school”.  I had my spiral bound notebook where I wrote my contact list.  I used to scribble notes in there as I contacted people about my opportunity.  

Before long it was like a bunch of chicken scratch that I could barely even read.  I would go to Staples and get my trusty “week at a glance” planner.  I could remember the excitement each year when I bought a fresh, clean new one.

The problem was that if I was out and didn't have these things with me when things came up I would sometimes forget them.  I wound up forgetting to contact and follow up with people on a regular basis.    

The other issue I had was that I was already extremely busy BEFORE I joined my first network marketing company.  Once I joined, I found it very difficult to find time to build my business every day.  I was busy, but wasn't really getting anything accomplished when it came to my business.  I wasn't seeing any results.  

Then I started to implement technology and it began to change my business and my life.

I began to use a digital calendar that could sync between devices so that no matter where I was, I would never forget to schedule a meeting or a call.  I started to keep my daily to-do list in my phone so at anytime I could keep track of what I needed to do and manage the list.

I got into the habit of SCHEDULING EVERYTHING.  Once I did, it was easier for me to identify areas of my day that I could begin to work my business.   

When it came to managing my list, technology revolutionized my business.  I was able to start scheduling follow-ups for the people on my list so I would never forget to reach back out when people asked.  I could also take detailed notes after I had conversations with prospects to help me the next time I spoke with them.

The technology that I've used has evolved over time but here are the Top 5 mobile apps that I am using right now today in my business.  I have no doubt that if you begin to implement these or similar apps, you'll see a dramatic increase in your productivity.

Once you start to increase your productivity you will naturally see an increase in your results.  The more results you see, the more you will find time to work your business.  It's a very powerful snowball effect.  

My Top 5 Mobile Apps to Increase Productivity

Here are my Top 5 mobile apps to increase productivity:

  1. Calendars 5 – IOS calendar app / I color code personal and business appointments / also has internal to-do list / SCHEDULE EVERYTHING
  2. Wunderlist – To-do list and task manager / I have personal, business and “parking lot” lists / allows you to highlight “must do”
  3. Groups – (by Qbix) Group texting app / allows you to send texts for weekly calls, meetings, etc. / I have separate leadership group
  4. Voxer – walkie talkie app / allows you to communicate like having conversation, only recorded / I use to send daily training to my team
  5. Contacts Journal CRM – basically my contact list in my phone / allows me to take notes as I contact prospects / also can schedule follow-ups

Did you find this training helpful?  If so, leave me a comment below and feel free to share it with anyone else you think it could help! 

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Bob Heilig


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