Interview with MLM Nation Founder Simon Chan

In this episode of the Your Virtual Upline Podcast I interview the one and only Simon Chan.  Simon is the founder and host of the number one network marketing industry podcast in the world, MLM Nation.  In the interview Simon shares his inspirational story and gives some very valuable advice to anyone that is interested in building and developing their own personal brand.  

Simon considers himself to be a simple person who has been blessed by the power of network marketing.  By his own admission, it hasn't been easy for him.  He is an American born Chinese that had to learn 3 different languages as a kid growing up in Brooklyn, NY.  He was made fun of by the kids in his school because he spoke funny.  He had a Chinese English accent mixed in with a lisp which caused him to grow up with very low self esteem.  His father was a successful doctor and because of his profession, spent very little time at home.

Simon said he could remember as a kid wondering why his father was never around to take him to see his favorite baseball team, the Yankees.  This became one of the early seeds that eventually led Simon to network marketing so he didn't fall into the same trap as his father.  

While pursuing a career working for the NBA as a professional agent, Simon began to realize the he was on the same path as his father.  He was working incredibly hard and had very little free time to spend with the people that meant the most to him.  To make it worse, he wasn't even making the kind of money he desired.  

That's when his search for something else began and he was introduced to network marketing.  When he started out he didn't have a very big network and wasn't good at talking to people but realized that it's the skills that make you successful.

So he began to focus on personal development and mastering the skills he would need to be successful.  He started to follow what he calls the “5 / 5 / 3 Plan”.   He made it a goal to approach 5 new people a day, follow-up with 5 people and present the plan to 3 people per day.  

He knew that consistent activity will eventually give you consistent positive results.  Simon says:

Most people just focus on the results – what you should be focused on is the activity.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t sign up a single person all week. What’s important is how many people did you talk to?  As long as you keep doing the activity, you will begin to get really good very quickly which will always get you the results.

After persevering through 3 frustrating years, he was finally able to break through and experience success.  He became the fastest growing distributor in North America for his company and won their prestigious President's Award.  That was the breakthrough he needed to take his business and life to the next level.

Simon began to realize the importance and power of building a personal brand.  He says:

You ultimately can’t control what your specific network marketing company does.  You can’t control the decisions that the executives sometimes have to make that affect you and your business.  You can’t control if your upline decides to stay or leave.  The only thing you can control is your personal brand.”

Simon realized that you have to learn to brand yourself so that YOU stand out.  He doesn't consider himself a “network marketer”.  He considers himself an entrepreneur that happens to love network marketing.  He mentions he has other business interests outside of his network marketing income.  

He doesn't want his name to be just tied to his network marketing company. He wants to be able to eventually expand his business interests outside of the network marketing industry.  That’s why it was important for him to build HIS OWN personal brand.

By any measure, Simon has been extremely successful in accomplishing his goal of building his brand. He has a very popular generic network marketing training blog and is the founder and host of the number 1 industry podcast in the world, MLM Nation.  

Simon says there are 3 very important reasons he loves network marketing and the reason for him doing what he does:

  1. It helps people unleash their unlimited potential.  I used to be a shy quiet kid with a lisp and network marketing brought things out of me that I never thought were possible.  
  2. It allows us to be better givers.  We give back to the world our skills, knowledge and expertise to help others.
  3. It allows you to be better parents.  As you grow and become better it allows you to be a better parent.  I believe the best place to lead is in your own home.

His advice to anyone just starting out building their own personal brand is:

Everyone has some type of knowledge that people would want to know. The thing that prevents people from starting this process is they feel that they’re not qualified.   You don’t need to be the top earner in your company to be qualified to coach and train others or build a personal brand. Everyone knows something that can help someone.   The reason why you’re qualified to coach or train others is because you can help people.  You just have to realize that you have something valuable inside of you that the world needs to know.”

Did you find this training helpful?  If so, leave me a comment below and feel free to share it with anyone else you think it could help! 

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