The Secret to Motivating the People on your Team

By November 2, 2016Network Marketing

Have you ever felt frustrated because no matter what you do or say, you can’t seem to motivate the people that are on your team?  In my training today I am going to share with you the “secret” to motivating the people that are on your team.  It is without a doubt the most powerful advanced team building strategy that I’ve ever learned in my career, it’s called taprooting.  

If you can master the skill of taprooting, you will never have to worry about motivating the people on your team ever again.  Taprooting is built upon this simple philosophy:  the greatest source of motivation isn’t potential gain, it’s fear of loss.  You would think that for most people the potential for gain they have when they join your business would be enough to motivate them to take action.  When I say “potential for gain” I’m referring to your compensation plan, fast start bonuses, the opportunity to create a better life for themselves, etc.  Unfortunately for most people, that’s not enough.  If it we’re then you wouldn’t have any problem motivating your people to take action.  Fear of loss on the other hand, is one of the most powerful motivators in the world.  When someone feels like they are going to miss out, or better yet ARE missing out on something, that’s often times all the motivation they need to get to work.  

You may be asking, “How do you create a fear of loss in someone on your team?”  That’s where the strategy of taprooting comes into play.  Taprooting is based on the concept that you don’t work WITH the people that are on your team, you work THROUGH them.  This concept alone may be one of the most important things you will ever learn when it comes to building a team.  What I mean by start working “through people” is that whenever you bring in or start working with a new person, your primary goal should be to find a new recruit for them ASAP.  

You should be operating with an extreme sense of urgency, literally “moving heaven and earth” to do whatever you need to help your new person get their first recruit.  Once you are able to accomplish that for them, you then begin to work personally with that new person just like they were your personal recruit.  The next goal is simply to – repeat the process.  What you are trying to do is take a new team you’re building and drive it 3, 4, 5 levels deep as quickly as possible.  The excitement that is created from everyone seeing this happen so quickly, combined with the fear of loss they begin to have because they may start missing out on bonuses, etc – “locks them into the business”.

The phrase “taprooting” comes from the analogy of how a new tree begins to grow.  When a tree is first planted it has one root “the taproot” that will quickly grow down into the soil until it finds a source of water to nourish the tree.  Without that taproot, the tree most likely will not survive.  90% of a tree’s root system lies just below the surface.  Without the taproot strengthening and providing stability for the tree, the first sign of a strong storm or winds, the tree will be uprooted.

Think of a new person quitting the business because of a lack of results, as them being uprooted.  Think of the new team they have, that you have driven down quickly for them, the taproot that keeps them in the game.  You have to realize that one of your jobs as a leader is to do whatever you can to help influence this to happen.  Without your influence, most people won’t do this left to their own devices.  If you can master the skill of taprooting your new people, you will start creating results and keeping people in the business, where before you weren’t seeing any results.    

If you keep taprooting and driving the new team as deep and as fast as possible, here’s what eventually happens – you find the water.  The water in this example is a leader.  You eventually find someone who gets involved and takes off right away.  You know what kind of person I’m talking about, a runner.  Someone who signs up and goes right to work.  They start signing up customers and recruiting people in their first week.  They don’t need their “hand held” every single day.  When you find this person (and you always will), that’s when the real power of this strategy starts to take shape.  

Instead of calling up all the new people that are between you and that new leader (who could be on your 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th level) , and trying to “motivate” then to get out there and go to work, your conversation is VERY different.  It sounds something like this:  

“Hey John.  What can I do to help you?  I’ve been working with (new leader’s name), and he / she is absolutely tearing it up.  I really believe that they are going to blow this thing up.  I’m so excited for you but here’s the problem.  You’re not in a position to take advantage of all of what’s happening right now.  You are already missing out on bonuses because you’re not qualified.  I can’t even imagine how much money you could miss out on over the next couple of months if we don’t change that.  Once again, what can I do to help?  Who can we talk to for you?  What meetings can we get set up together?”

Do you see how much different, and how much more powerful THAT conversation is then the one’s you’ve probably been having?  If that fear of loss doesn’t get that new person motivated to take action, nothing will.  Here’s your homework.  Make sure you watch the video posted here on this page.  I go over in detail, exactly what to start doing and saying when you have a new person to start this process.  

Make sure you take detailed notes and the next time you have a new person that you start working with, put this strategy into action.  Remember, “move heaven and earth” to get them their first recruit, then it’s off to the races.  Be patient in the beginning as you work on developing this skill, it does take some time.  The other thing to keep in mind, is that this strategy doesn’t work with everyone.  Your new person has to be willing to take action and get you in front of people to allow you to do your job.  Once again, here’s where your job as a leader comes in, to influence them to take that action so you can begin this process.

I hope you got value out of today’s training!  Feel free to share this with anyone that you think it could help.  Do me a favor and leave me a comment below and let me know if it was helpful for you, and let me know your biggest takeaway from the video.    

Your Virtual Upline,


Bob Heilig


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