Start Using Your Fear as Your Compass

By March 13, 2017Personal Development

Are you struggling with fear in your business? Are you avoiding taking the necessary actions to move your business forward, simply because you’re afraid? If so, it’s time to rethink your relationship with fear, and begin to see the amazing gifts that fear has to offer — to you and to your business.  

You see, if you’re struggling in your business right now, it’s most likely because you’re avoiding the things that you fear. You’re not doing the essential work you need to do to grow your business, such as making videos, giving presentations, or picking up the phone.

You need to know one thing: you can change that.

Instead of resisting your fears, make your fears your compass. They’ll guide you, telling you where you need to go.

By simply taking action on the things that are causing you fear, you might discover they’re the very things that can create the biggest breakthroughs in your life.

Listen to Your Fear

One thing that’s surprising about fear is what a powerful communicator it is. We all know that fear is a crucial emotion, with a purpose to protect us and keep us out of danger. But when danger isn’t present – such as in our business – fear is actually great at pointing us toward our own success.

If you’re aware and listen closely, fear can end up being the best thing that’s ever happened to your business. It certainly was for mine.

Back in my early days as an entrepreneur, I did everything in my power to avoid fear. And guess what? I had very little success! It wasn’t until I shifted my relationship with fear, and started using it as my compass, that everything began to change.

Today, if I’m considering a new project or a new course of action and I feel fear setting in, I know immediately that I’ve found something that I must do. I know the things that I fear are the things that are going to get me to the next level, that will help me create a breakthrough.

What I’ve learned to do is to feel the fear and act anyway.

You can do it, too.

But first, you need to get out of your comfort zone, and embrace the fear and uncertainty that comes with it.

Uncertainty is an integral part of not only your own development and growth as a human being, but of your eventual success as an entrepreneur as well. You must face the fear and uncertainty if you’re ever going to grow and reach your full potential in business and in life.

But many people have a false assumption of fear. They think they need to get over their fears, becoming fearless, before they’ll achieve success. That’s simply not the case. Fear and uncertainty will always be there in some form — and that’s great — because each time you embrace the fear and push through the uncertainty, you’ve allowed yourself the chance to grow a little more.

And it’s only when you grow, that your business will grow.

So, stop tricking yourself into thinking you’re working hard and building a business when you’re secretly avoiding your fears. Instead, show up with 100% of yourself. Put yourself out there. Step into the unknown, and face your fear.

Nearly every time I’ve been able to do this, it’s created breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough, and I’m confident that it will do the same for you.

If you’ve gotten some value out of this message today, feel free to share it with others who may find value in it, too.

Your Virtual Upline,


Bob Heilig


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