The Lesson of the Chinese Bamboo Tree

By January 4, 2017Personal Development

Were you stressed over Thanksgiving weekend, frantically trying to come up with the best deal to offer for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday? Did you end up feeling depressed and frustrated that you didn't yield the results you wanted?

 If so, there's something you need to know…

The success of your business doesn't hinge on the results of one day.

This may sound crazy, since you probably saw a lot of people in your company posting specials, offering deals, and putting a lot of importance on getting sales during the biggest shopping weekend of the year. You probably even saw several people having lots of success doing this. But if you weren't one of them, let me say it again:

The success of your business doesn't hinge on the results of one day.

One day is not going to make or break your business. Believe it or not, your business will continue to move forward. All you need to do is stop focusing on hype and start putting your attention on what's truly important — consistent action. 

The Lesson of the Chinese Bamboo Tree

There's a remarkable tree called the Chinese Bamboo Tree. This type of tree doesn't grow in the typical fashion that most trees do. Most trees grow steadily over a period of time, with many requiring very little care. But the Chinese Bamboo Tree is different.

Once the Chinese Bamboo Tree is planted, it has to be watered and fertilized every single day if it's going to survive and grow. It then takes four years of this daily watering and fertilizing before it even breaks the ground!

Can you imagine it? You go every single day to water and fertilize that tree for four years and each time you show up, there's nothing there. NOTHING.

But then, in the fifth year, when the tree finally breaks ground, it will grow to be 90 feet tall over the course of six weeks!

The people caring for the Chinese Bamboo Tree don't hinge its success on one day. They know that its success depends on the consistent action of being watered and fertilized every single day, over a long period of time. They have the faith and patience that if they show up every day and care for the tree, it's eventually going grow.

It's the same with you, and it's the same with your business. You need to have faith that if you show up every day, and consistently work on yourself and your business, you're going to eventually see the results you want.

To do this, you have to let go of your attachment to immediate results. You need to be so focused on doing that small, daily action that you have no room left for doubt.

You may be tempted to think that you don't have what it takes to be successful. You may even be tempted to quit and try something else, thinking a new opportunity will be easier. But know this: success is always going to be hard. Success is always going to challenge you. At times you're going to be frustrated and ready to quit, but the determining factor between your success or failure is going to come down to this one question:

Are you willing to engage in the consistent action necessary until you succeed, even when things aren't going right?

Even when you get zero sales on Small Business Saturday? Are you willing to show up the very next day and keep doing those small, daily actions that will help to move you forward?

I hope so. I know that you have the ability. You just need to take personal responsibility for your own success.

Use every single day as just another chance to water and fertilize your life and your business, and you'll be that much closer to achieving your dreams.

If you’ve gotten some value out of this message today, feel free to share it with others who may find value in it, too.

Your Virtual Upline,


Bob Heilig


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