How Videos can Help You Create Your own Celebrity Brand

In this episode of the Your Virtual Upline Podcast I welcome personal branding and social media expert Nadya Melton.  Nadya is one of the top authorities when it comes to using video to help you build a personal brand online.  Anyone that wants to tap into the power of video to help them build their business faster and generate leads online needs to listen to this training. 

Does the thought of you getting in front of the camera on your phone and pressing record make you break out in cold sweats?

Do you know that you SHOULD be doing videos but for some reason you just can't seem to get over the fear of actually starting?

I can relate because it took me almost an entire year to get enough courage to post my first video on my Facebook page.  I can remember that horrible feeling when I finally published the post with my first video I ever recorded.

It was far from my best video ever but looking back, the one thing I did realize is that it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I can honestly say that my decision to begin to finally get the courage to put myself out there on video less than a year ago has completely changed my business and my life.

In this episode of the Your Virtual Upline Podcast I have a very special guest. Nadya Melton is one of the top experts in the areas of personal branding, social media, online marketing and specifically videos.

Nadya is a personal friend of mine and one of the people that was trying to get me to do videos for that entire year.  The brand that I have created today and the things I've done are largely due to the coaching and mentoring that I have received from Nadya.

Her and her husband John have earned six figures in the network marketing profession for the last 10 years and now specialize in teaching network marketers how to grow their business and generate leads using social media.

If you have ever wanted to tap into the power of videos to help you build what Nadya calls a “Celebrity Brand” or as a way to generate leads online then this is going to be a very valuable training for you.  

 In the training Nadya goes over how to get over your fear of shooting and posting your first video.  She also shares her “secrets” and top tips on what makes a great video and how to get yours to stand out.


After this training you'll be ready to press record for the first time just like I did just under a year ago.  I promise you that if you're willing to take the leap and commit to leveraging the power of video, your business will never be the same.    

Did you find this training helpful?  If so, leave me a comment below and feel free to share it with anyone else you think it could help! 

Your Virtual Upline


Bob Heilig


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