How to Not Suck at Cold Market Recruiting

By October 12, 2015Network Marketing, Podcast

Learning how to prospect and recruit people that you don't know is a critical skill to master for anyone in the network marketing profession.  In today’s episode we will be discussing how you can generate an endless amount of leads for your business by mastering the art of COLD MARKET RECRUITING.  

There are two types of people that you will prospect in your business:  those that you know “Warm Market” and those that you do NOT know “Cold Market”.  Learning how to prospect and recruit people you come across in your cold market is a very valuable skill to possess.  Unfortunately, it's an area that most people struggle with.  In today’s episode of the Your Virtual Upline Podcast we will be discussing how you can generate an endless amount of leads for your network marketing business by mastering the art of COLD MARKET RECRUITING.

In the training I'm going to give you my TOP 5 TIPS that I've learned over the last 10 years that's helped me personally recruit over 500 people.  I'll also give you the ACTUAL SCRIPTS that I used to recruit most of those people.  My goal is that by the time we’re done with this training you will be able to SMASH THROUGH any fear or anything that’s holding you back so you can become a master at cold market recruiting.

Most people pass up countless opportunities EVERY DAY because they aren’t skilled in the area of cold market recruiting.  It drives me crazy when people tell me “I’ve ran out of people to talk to” or “I’ve talked to everyone that I know”.  REALLY?!  I realize that for many of you this is something that scares the heck out of you.  Let’s just come to terms with it and admit it so we can move past whatever is holding you back.  Like anything new, it’s going to be uncomfortable for most when you start – but I can promise you the more you actually do it, and begin the build up that “muscle” the easier it gets.  

One of my original mentors told me, If you aren’t doing at least 1 thing per day that gets you uncomfortable then you probably aren’t making progress.  Learn to EMBRACE the uncomfortable feelings associated with cold market recruiting and I promise you your bank account will thank you. 

 Here are “My Top 5 Tips for Cold Market Recruiting”:

  1. You must have POSTURE (understand YOU have the gift)
  2. Stop trying to “pitch people” the first time you meet them
  3. Say LESS to MORE people
  4. Don't be weird
  5. Learn the PROPER way to use social media to generate leads

In the podcast episode you'll hear me go into detail on each one of the 5 tips as well  as give you a bunch of scripts you can start using today!  You can also CLICK RIGHT HERE to get a PDF document with each of the scripts I go over in the training.

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Thanks again, see you soon!


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  • Alexandra says:

    Hi Bob, I am new to network marketing and already am learning a lot from you. I have tried several times to obtain your pdf of the scripts you use for your cold market. Is there a glitch? Or is there more that I need to do?

    Thank you so much for your wisdom. I listen to your periscope every day.


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