How to Handle the Pyramid Objection

By December 27, 2015Network Marketing

Have you ever struggled with what to say or how to handle when a prospect gives you the pyramid objection?  Handling objections is an important skill that you need to learn how to master.  In the training today I teach you exactly what to say and how to handle when a prospect uses the “Big P” word. 

It's really important to understand that objections fall into one of two different categories.  The first category is the prospect has a limiting belief in their own ability to be successful.  When someone has a limiting belief in this area, they just don't see themselves doing well in what you are offering them. The second category is a limiting belief in network marketing in general.  Many prospects just don't understand network marketing.  Our job when handling objections is to help the prospect get over the limiting beliefs that they have in order for us to have chance to recruit them.

The pyramid objection is a limiting belief when it comes to network marketing.  Many people have this limiting belief because they really don't have the first clue when it comes to understanding network marketing.  

It's important to realize that when you hear the pyramid objection, it's not always coming from a completely negative place.  A lot of times a prospect will bring it up because they are ignorant to what network marketing really represents.  Many times if you are willing to simply educate the prospect it opens up a door where you have a chance to recruit them.  

The biggest mistake that I see people make when it comes to the pyramid objection is they get very defensive.  When it's brought up they immediately become very argumentative trying to defend network marketing.  They have the mindset where they're going to try to make the prospect wrong so they can make them self right.

It's critical to understand that if you are defensive when you're handling objections, you will never be successful in recruiting the people that have them.  Always remember an objection is a limiting belief that the prospect has, and your job is to help them overcome that limiting belief.  

Here's a very helpful way to look at what we are really doing when dealing with objections, “Your job is to help blind people see.”  Your job is to educate the ignorant.  Approach the interaction with a more calm, neutral demeanor and act more as a consultant.      

Let me give you an example of what I mean.  When somebody says to me, “That looks like a pyramid,” I respond to them in a totally neutral non-defensive way, “What do you mean?

When you do this it will catch the prospect off guard most of the time because they are expecting you to start to defend what you're offering them.  They will usually then say something like, “You know what I mean.”  To which I will respond, “No, I really don't.”  

They will then usually try and verbalize what they mean, and most of the time what really ends up happening is they realize they don't even know.  It's actually a pretty fun thing to go through with people.  

What you are really trying to do is get the prospect to understand that their objection isn't based on any actual factual information.  If you are able to accomplish this and then educate them on what network marketing really is, you may have a chance to recruit them.  

It won't work with everyone, but I can promise you that if you adopt this approach to handling the pyramid objection you will recruit a far greater number of people.  Just remember at the end of the day it isn't your job to convince everyone, just sort through people and look for the people who are looking for you.  

In the video above, I give you some additional scripts and ways to handle the pyramid objection that you can begin to use in your business.  I also cover the correct mindset to have when dealing with prospects that have this objection.  

Did you find this training helpful?  If so, leave me a comment below and feel free to share it with anyone else you think it could help! 

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