How to Become a Great Presenter and Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

By October 10, 2015Network Marketing, Podcast

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If you want to become a top earner in your network marketing company – you HAVE to learn how to present.  There are rare exceptions to this rule, but in most cases public speaking it’s a requirement.  In this episode I’m going to layout a detailed step by step plan to help you overcome your fear of public speaking and become a great presenter and powerful speaker.  


Does the thought of you public speaking suddenly cause you to break out in a cold sweat?  I can relate because that's how it used to make me feel.  It took me FOREVER to finally bring myself to actually give a presentation in my business.  My fear of public speaking literally paralyzed me and caused me to feel “stuck” for so long.  I honestly didn't think I would ever be able to get over my fears.  Are you in that position right now in your business?  Do you want to learn how to overcome those feelings, begin to become a presenter and take a leadership role in your company and on your team?   

When you are finally able to gather up enough courage to begin presenting something very powerful begins to happen.  You start to gain a new found confidence and begin to take an ownership of your business that you didn’t have previously.  It’s now YOUR BUSINESS and you’re not depending on anyone else to help you create results.  You understand that you have the ability and the power to create enough value to enroll someone into your opportunity.  Your ability to push past your “comfort zone” and begin to do things you've never done before starts to accelerate your personal growth.  


Throughout your career there are a number of different types of presentations you will need to learn how to give if you want to become a top earner in your company:

  • Your own personal story
  • Your company's opportunity presentation
  • Basic / quick start training
  • Inspirational training

In this episode of the Your Virtual Upline Podcast I’m going to layout a detailed step by step plan to help you master all of these, overcome whatever fear you have holding you back and help you become a great presenter and powerful speaker.  I'll give you the Top 5 tips I've learned over the last 10 years to get me to the point that I'm at today.  I'll be discussing things like:  

  1. Learn how to PROPERLY tell your personal story
  2. ALWAYS use 3rd party tools
  3. Start talking!
  4. Practice, practice, practice
  5. Start with the end in mind

Look, here's the deal.  You don't need to become a professional speaker and learn to answer every question to be a great presenter.  Every single one of you has exactly what you need right now to build upon and start to become a powerful speaker.  I'll go over everything you need to start doing to make that a reality.  I have no doubt that if you implement what I teach you in this episode you will be well on your way to giving quality presentations and inspiring the people on your team.  I promise you that if that happens then you WILL take your business to the next level!

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