How I Built my own 7-Figure Personal Brand with Ray Higdon

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In this episode of the Your Virtual Upline Podcast I interview the one and only Ray Higdon.  Ray and I discuss how over the last 5 years he has been able to build 2 separate multiple 7-figure businesses OUTSIDE of his network marketing company.  He is a master at helping people build and monetize their own personal brand.  This is a can't miss episode.     

If you aren't already familiar with Ray Higdon, then I'm sure you will be inspired by his rags to riches story.  Back in 2008 when the real estate market crashed in Florida, he found himself completely broke, over $1 million in debt and going through a tough divorce.  He says, “My life was a disaster zone.  My self-confidence was in the toilet and I had no idea what I was going to do next.”  It was at that point when he was introduced to network marketing.  He desperately needed something to work, his girlfriend was paying his bills and he didn't know which way to turn next.            

He was far from an overnight success story once he joined his first network marketing company.  He actually failed in 11 different companies before he finally found success.  Each failed experience however, taught him something very valuable.  

He eventually realized that unless he started taking massive action, his life circumstances were not going to turn around.  He was introduced to a book called, “Go For No” and was so inspired that he decided to make it a goal to go out every day and find 20 people to introduce to his network marketing company and have them tell him no.  

He faced rejection day in and day out, however what he realized was that all these people that were telling him no didn't mean he was failing, it meant he was getting closer to success.

He started to invest heavily in his own self-education, understanding that in order for things to change he had to keep getting better.  After years of hard work and perserverance, he eventually went on to become the top earner in that company and made over $1 million.

His success within the network marketing profession is certainly impressive, but it's what he's done OUTSIDE of his network marketing company that makes him truly unique.    

He realized early on the power of building a personal brand.  Just over 5 years ago he started his own website where he creates generic network marketing training.

Ray figured out that his recruiting would go up and he would get more leads every time he created content that wasn't specific to his network marketing company.  As a result, he started putting out daily valuable content on his website and social media to help network marketers grow their businesses faster.  

It wasn't long before people started to look at Ray as an authority when it came to network marketing training.  He saw an opportunity there and started a private coaching business and also started to create and sell training products on his website.

Fast forward to today, as a result of him consistently putting out valuable content and helping people all over the world, he has built both of those businesses to multiple 7-figures.  

Earlier this year, Ray had a single product launch that did over $850,000 in sales.  He gets close to 2 million hits a month on his personal website

What makes him so rare, is his ability to “bridge the gap” between traditional network marketing and online / internet marketing.  Today he teaches some of the most successful network marketers how to begin to build their own personal brand so they can generate leads online 

Ray teaches people that the only security you have in your life is your ability to adapt to circumstances.  You never know what life is going to throw at you, you just have to keep moving forward.

Whether you are looking learn how to deal with the adversity you are facing in your life, be more successful in your network marketing business or wanting to grow and monetize your own personal brand, this is a cant miss episode for you.

Did you find this training helpful?  If so, leave me a comment below and feel free to share it with anyone else you think it could help! 

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Bob Heilig


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  • Wow,, this was a cool podcast Bob…
    It was a you tube video that Ray posted on You Tube a couple of years ago, on branding yourself that lead me to really dive into branding myself in NWM. I was faced with so much Resistance from a part of my former team & company that caused me to pause a little, but from his CONSISTENT blogging and providing value I had to step it up and from following guys like you, John, Ray Higdon, and others I am on a good path.. 🙂 thx for posting Ray Higdon is the Bomb,,,

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