How to Eliminate Your Chicken List

By March 11, 2016Network Marketing

Do you have a chicken list?  Are there successful people that you admire that you would love to have in your business but you're afraid to contact them?  Most people in network marketing have at least a handful of people that fall into this category.  In my training today I want to introduce you to the concept of creative interpretations.  If you understand this concept you can begin to use it to your advantage and overcome your fear of reaching out to the people you know.  

Creative interpretations are when you make up a story in your head about some sort of circumstance or situation that you are facing.  This story you tell yourself either empowers you to move forward and take action or holds you back.  When it comes to prospecting and recruiting network marketers do this all the time.  When you tell yourself a story about a particular prospect that causes you to not take action that creates what is called a “red light”.  The key to success is to learn how to create stories that cause you to take action, otherwise known as “green lights”.  

One of the biggest differences between people who succeed and those that fail in network marketing is the ability to create more green lights when it comes to their prospecting and recruiting.  They create stories when it comes to prospecting that consistently empower them to take action which always leads to better results.  

The important thing to recognize that in either scenario all you are doing is telling yourself a story.  Most of the time it isn't based on any factual information.  It's simply our interpretation of the situation at hand.  Here is an example of what I'm talking about.

Let's say that one of the people you know on your chicken list is a very successful physician.  You think they could be great in your business and you would love to approach them with your opportunity.  It is usually at this point that you are utilizing creative interpretations, whether you realize it or not.  

Here is an example of a negative creative interpretation or a red light that would keep you from taking action.  You tell yourself, “Why would they be interested in network marketing?  They're a doctor.  They already probably make a lot of money, and they're already very busy.  I don't want to bother them and offer this to them.”  Sound familiar?  

All successful people do differently is tell themselves a different story.  Their interpretation of the same situation goes something like this.  They say, “Well he or she is a doctor.  I know healthcare is it's changing every day they're making less and less money every year.  They're probably concerned and starting to look for a way to supplement their income.  I know they're busy and work a lot but that probably comes with a lot of stress.  I'm sure they don't want to be working that many hours.  They'd probably love to be able to have residual income to give them more time freedom.

Do you see the difference? One of them is a positive interpretation the other is a negative, but I want you to recognize that they're both stories. They're not based on factual information either way.  Make sure you watch the video above where I give you some tips on how you can start using this very powerful tool to your advantage.  

If you are able to use these creative interpretations to your advantage watch how much more successful you will begin to become in your business.  At any moment you can begin to tell yourself different stories and start creating the results you desire.  

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