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By November 19, 2015Network Marketing, Podcast

One of the biggest mistakes I see people in network marketing make is they are constantly posting about their network marketing company ALL THE TIME on their Facebook page.  Social media and things like Facebook can be either your GREATEST ASSET or BIGGEST ENEMY when it comes to building your network marketing business.  In this training, I'm going to make the argument that this type of behavior is deadly to your business  

I want you to think of your Facebook Page as your own personal TV channel.  Understand that when all you do is post specific company/product content ALL THE TIME what you basically are is an infomercial for your network marketing company.  I want you to think about you flipping the TV channels and coming to a station that is a 24/7 infomercial.  How long do you think you would stay on that channel?  Probably not very long.  Once you knew what was on that channel do you ever think you would tune in again? Probably not. 

Understand that for many of you, this is exactly what's happening.  Most of the people you're connected with on Facebook aren't “tuning in” to your channel anymore.  If all they see every time they “tune in” is company specific content and you aren’t giving them any VALUE – they change the channel.  

Take a look at your posts – see who is engaging with your content.  That’s instant feedback whether people are getting any value out of your content. If the only people that comment or like your stuff are the same people all the time and they’re already in your company, then you’re doing it wrong.

If your goal is to use Facebook to generate leads for your business then you have to change the way you are using your Facebook page.

Facebook wasn’t created for people to “sell stuff”.  It was created to help people build relationships.

Does that mean you can never post anything about your specific network marketing company?  Not at all.  However, if you want to be effective in using Facebook as a tool to grow your business you need to follow a specific formula.  

Spend 90% of your time creating GENERIC, valuable content and 10% of your time marketing your “stuff”.   Posting generic content will encourage people who aren't in your specific company or interested in joining to still engage with your content.  

When it's valuable, meaning they learn something or are entertained by it – they will continue to come back.  If you can consistently demonstrate value to people, over time you will become more attractive.

Don't Be an Informercial

You have to understand that people don't join companies, they join other people.  If someone joins you in your network marketing company it's because they see value in you as a potential business partner.  They believe that by being associated with you they can gain power or learn something.  

So always ask yourself the question, “Why would someone want to join you?” There are thousands of opportunities out there, and thousands of people in your own company they could join. Why would they join you?

When it does come down to the 10% of the time where you're going to start marketing “your stuff”, make sure you are highlighting the BENEFITS not the FEATURES.

If you are selling weight loss products, don't just post a link where you can buy the product,, a list of ingredients and why it's so great.  Post a before and after picture of you sharing a personal testimonial.  Say, “I can't believe how much better I look and feel since I started taking these new products!”

Don't mention the name of the company or the specific product. Here's another really important concept I want you to understand when it comes to marketing:

Learn to create curiosity instead of raising resistance.

When you put your company name and specific product information out there up front, it raises resistance.  You want to create curiosity.  You want people reaching out to you asking what the product is or what you do.  

It's marketing 101.  The problem is that most people that are involved with network marketing don't have the first clue how to market.  Now you do.

Did you find this training helpful?  If so, leave me a comment below and feel free to share it with anyone else you think it could help! 

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Bob Heilig


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