How to Build a Massive Following on Social Media

By February 8, 2017Personal Branding

Are you frustrated you don’t have a bigger following on social media? Are you wondering why the content you’re creating isn’t getting more views, likes, and comments? If your answer is “yes” and you’re feeling discouraged, let me share a formula that could change everything for you.

The formula is attention + trust = growth of your following.

Over the last year, I’ve used this formula in my own business to build a massive following of almost 50,000 people. Now, I’m nothing special – you can do the same. You just need to understand the elements of the formula and how to apply them to your business.  The good news is that once you understand this formula, you can start using it to your advantage right away.

How to Build Attention and Trust

There are three things you need to do to build attention and trust when you’re marketing yourself on social media:

1. You need to be authentic.

Learn how to be unapologetically yourself. Don’t be tempted to water yourself down in the hopes that more people will relate to you. The opposite is true – it’s the process of watering yourself down that doesn’t resonate with people! When you can be wholeheartedly yourself, you’ll make an impact on others. People will remember you, and then they’ll start to turn their attention to the content you’re producing.

2. You need to be generous.

Be generous with your knowledge, your information, and your time. When I was first starting my business, I would contact anyone who was following my videos and promoting me to their organization and say, “Hey, let me do a free call for your team. Let me do a free webinar to show my gratitude.” I understood that by being generous with my time and my knowledge – by providing value – it would make positive impressions on people. It would cause them to trust me, and in turn they would continue to promote me to their networks, which would bring me more attention.

3. You need to be consistent.

Through consistently sharing content, you build relationships with people, and it’s through these relationships that attention and trust grow. I did a video every single day for six months before I made a single dollar from my following. I wasn’t focused on money; I was just focused on building those relationships.

Consistency, however, is where most people drop the ball. They do three videos and they don’t see a lot of engagement. Their number of views isn’t growing, so they get discouraged and quit making them. But understand this: people need to know they can count on you being there. Most of your audience needs to see you over and over again before they really start paying attention. They’ll never get to that place if you just make three videos and quit!

Marketing Doesn’t Happen Overnight

In the first 90 days of executing this formula, you might not see a lot of growth. Don’t get frustrated; don’t have a short-term mentality. Stop constantly asking, “What’s in it for me? I’m not going to give them that information…they should pay me for it!”

But guess what? You’ve got to have the long game in mind. You need to earn the right to charge.

If you keep focusing on these three things – authenticity, generosity, and consistency – you’ll build the trust and attention you need, and eventually things will just blow up. I saw this myself. After four or five months of executing this formula, the following on my videos started to double and triple.

Every one of you can build the attention and trust necessary to have a massive following. If you’re dedicated to helping, if you’re truly passionate about creating results for other people, and if you aren’t afraid to be yourself, this formula can be one of the biggest tools to change your business and your life.

If you’ve gotten some value out of this message today, feel free to share it with others who may find value in it, too.

Your Virtual Upline,


Bob Heilig


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