3 Questions to Instantly make You a Better Recruiter.

By December 10, 2015Network Marketing

Do you want to learn how to become a better recruiter?  Would you like to find out a way that you could re-approach prospects that have already told you no?  In today's training I'm going to teach you how to have a conversation that, if you can master, will immediately make you a better recruiter. 

I want to challenge you to begin to take on the mindset of a consultant when it comes to the recruiting process.  I want you to think of your job as identifying potential problems that people have in their life and then prescribing them potential solutions.  The solutions are your network marketing opportunity, products or services.  When you act as a consultant you will immediately begin to see people respond to you differently.  When people know that you genuinely care about them they will be much more likely to take a look at what you have to offer them.   

Having the mindset of a consultant, here is the conversation that I want you to be able to master having with prospects.  I wouldn't recommend this approach for brand new people to the business.  You want to keep things as simple as possible for them.

This would be the perfect approach for any existing representative or for prospects that you have already approached before, but told you no.  The entire conversation is based off of three very simple, but powerful questions. 

Here's question number one:  

Are you happy?  

There's so much power in being able to ask a prospect this question.  Ask them, “Are you fulfilled with your life?”  “Is your life on a path leading somewhere that you actually want to go?

People join network marketing companies because there is something about their life that they're not happy with.  They're dissatisfied about something in their life.  People do not join network marketing companies because of money.  That's a big misconception.

People join to make money, but it's what the money will actually do in terms of improving their life.  I know plenty of people that make a ton of money but they're not happy because they have no free time.  They have a very poor quality of life.

Asking someone this question is such a powerful way to start a conversation. Here's what you're going to find.  Most people are not happy.  When you ask them that question and you get them to talk a little bit about why they're not happy, you're acting as a consultant.  You're listening and identifying problems that they have.

3 Questions to Instantly make You a Better Recruiter

Once you have identified that they aren't happy and you asked questions to find out the reason why, you're ready to move on to question number two. In this step you will begin to once again act as a consultant and begin to prescribe solutions.  

Watch the video above to hear questions two and three, and learn how to have the rest of the conversation in a way that almost guarantees someone will take a look at what it is you have to offer.

The magic of this approach is that if you can get more people to actually take a look at what you have to offer, you will in turn naturally get more people to say yes.

Did you find this training helpful?  If so, leave me a comment below and feel free to share it with anyone else you think it could help! 

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Bob Heilig


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